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Today, Exari's solutions are being put to work by some of the world's largest global insurance companies, solving their critical business needs to reduce risk, increase revenue, and accelerate business. 

Which solution fits your strategic need? 

Submission Analysis

The Use Case

A typical Property & Casualty insurance company will receive thousands of broker submissions every day, usually in an email with multiple attachments like ACORD forms, schedules of locations, assets and so on. Each one absorbs time and resource to filter the appropriate submissions, before they are forwarded on through the process of setup and clearance, risk rating, pricing and quote generation.

The Exari Solution

Exari Vision quickly extracts data sent in by brokers regardless of format, automatically loading, analyzing, and transforming all emails and attachments into structured data. Standard and customer rule sets filter out unwanted policies, making sure that no potential business goes unopened and no potential revenue goes unrealized.

Don't let important business slip through the cracks ever again.

Automate your submissions.
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Binding Authority Checks

The Use Case

Across global markets, binding authority underwriting has become an increasingly attractive and profitable source of business, allowing brokers to greatly expand their underwriting capacity. As a result, forward thinking managing agents are searching for an efficient solution to manage the stringent standards of compliance, which average 50-60 specific requirements that take upwards of two hours to check.

The Exari Solution

Exari Vision QA allows compliance checks to be completed in a matter of minutes, freeing users to pursue more business while maintaining a high level of quality and low level of risk.

Don't let bottlenecks put a ceiling on your growth.

Accelerate your business.
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Pre-Bind Quality Assurance

The Use Case

Before binding a policy, brokers need to ensure that it meets a variety of vital standards. These can include internal or regulatory requirements, market-determined wordings (example: wordings for the Lloyd’s market) and other pre-defined rule sets. Running these checks manually, however, is slow and error-prone.

The Exari Solution

Exari Vision takes this manual process out of the dark ages, reducing the time required to check a policy from hours to minutes, freeing users to pursue more business while maintaining a high level of quality and low level of risk.

Free-up resources to pursue new business.

Automate your checks.
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Submit, Quote, Bind

The Use Case

Creating a new submission documents from scratch every time means time wasted re-entering standard information and re-keying data into downstream systems once the policy is fully negotiated and bound.

The Exari Solution

Exari DocGen enables commercial brokers and agents to quickly and accurately capture their document data to help generate the quote and policy documentation, dramatically reducing cost and risk. Exari’s innovative interview process asks questions to generate documents and capture data that can be easily reported on. The system moves documents between the Producer and the Carrier, re-using previous answers to create subsequent documents and gaining approval where required.

Exari's initiatives around a document-centric solution for mid-market business shows the efficiencies that can be gained by their technology.

Tim Raynor, Miller Insurance
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Self-Service Policy Generation

The Use Case

In the competitive insurance industry, manual document drafting lengthens the process while the lack of central clause libraries and resources causes inconsistencies in documentation. This results in non-standard wordings which can overexpose companies and in quotes that contravene regulations or market standards.

The Exari Solution

Exari’s web-based interview ensures consistency across all documents. Best-of-breed authoring tools enable business users to build, configure, and update product rules and templates quickly, with little or no dependence on it. Compliance rules and company guidelines are built into the creation process.

Balance speed and compliance with self-service contracting.

Reduce your bottlenecks.
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