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With more than 15 years experience catering to global insurers, Exari knows the specific challenges you encounter and, more importantly, how to solve them. As insurance professionals, you face an ever growing need to tightly track and manage every slip, quote, policy, and contract; stay in compliance with ever-changing market and governmental regulations; check policies against internal standards; and balance the need for reduced risk with the pursuit of more and more business. Fortunately, Exari’s suite of tools is tailor-made to address these challenges. 

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Exari's Insurance Tool Suite

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Exari Vision Data Capture

Between slips, quotes, endorsements, and errant emails, manually capturing the data for one policy can be difficult enough, never mind your entire book of business. What if you could reduce the process of capturing key data from hours to minutes with greater accuracy and more robust results?

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Exari Match

Putting policies side-by-side to check for changes and compliance is time consuming, taking upwards of an hour for a standard slip and even longer for more complex documents. With Exari, you can compare documents, no matter the size or format, in a matter of seconds.

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Exari Vision Quality Assurance

Whether you’re beholden to specific company rules, broader market or syndicate standards, or government regulations, ensuring the compliance of every slip is essential. Doing these checks manually is tedious and error-prone, but with Exari these same checks can be run in minutes.

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Exari DocGen

When creating policies, you work to strike the balance between speed and compliance. Manually drafting contracts means increased risk, inefficient QA checks, and the need to re-key data at various points in the binding and reinsurance processes. DocGen solves those problems.

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Exari's Insurance Solutions

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Submission Analysis

You receive thousands of broker submissions per day, making it impossible to review each one and leading to lost revenue. With Exari Vision, every email and attachment is automatically analyzed to give you seamless insight into every submission. 


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Binding Authority Checks

Binding authority underwriting has become an increasingly attractive source of business. However, stringent compliance standards mean that each policy can take up to two hours to check. With Exari QA those same checks take only minutes. 

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Pre-Bind Quality Assurance

Before binding a policy, you need to ensure that it meets a variety of vital standards. Running these checks manually, however, is slow and error-prone. With Exari Vision QA, these checks are completed with greater accuracy in less time. 

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Submit, Quote, Bind

Creating a documents from scratch means time wasted re-entering standard information and re-keying data into downstream systems once the policy is negotiated and bound. Exari DocGen streamlines this process with self-service policy creation and workflows.

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