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The World's Most Complete Contract Management Platform

Contracts are central to every business. Employment contracts administer your workforce, NDAs protect your IP, sales contracts underpin your profit, purchase agreements manage your procurement - the list goes on. Unfortunately, most companies don’t have the systems necessary to effectively manage these precious assets.

Legacy contracts are stored on errant hard drives or obsolete contract management systems, leaving contract data completely un-utilized and, in times of crisis, difficult and expensive to find. Many new contracts are individually drafted by the legal department, causing bottlenecks and inefficiencies. Meanwhile, other contracts are hastily cobbled together from outdated templates, leading to unmanaged risk.

In today’s business environment, these practices simply don’t work anymore. Modern enterprises need a single platform designed to transform the way contracts are drafted, stored, understood, and operationalized.

Welcome to Exari Contracts.

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  • A single global repository securely stores and manages your entire contract portfolio.
  • Powerful, accurate, and instant AI-driven data capture makes importing legacy and third party agreements easy.
  • Universal Contract Model uniformly maps all data from every contract type.


  • Template-based interview allows for low risk, efficient self-service contracting.
  • Standard, custom, and ad hoc reports provide unparalleled insight and analysis.
  • Rule-based and ad hoc workflows streamline negotiation, approval, and execution.
  • Robust APIs allow these benefits to be utilized in downstream systems.
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Gain Unprecedented Control Over Your Contracts

Self-service contracting for everyone.

When you create a contract, you need to make sure it’s done right. This usually means the agreement has to be drafted by a lawyer, leading to the dreaded legal bottleneck. With Exari Contracts, your front office professionals are empowered to generate compliant, self-service contracts to help speed-up your sales cycle and make your business more efficient.

  • Intuitive wizard guides users through a dynamic, template-based interview that produces your contract.
  • Keep an accurate audit trail of all versions throughout your negotiation process by leveraging Exari's platform without having to leave Word.
  • Comprehensive Clause Library provides instant access to fallback clauses.
  • Intuitive contract comparison tool provides visibility into changes made during negotiations and supports re-use of negotiated clauses.
  • Automate and manage enterprise contract requests to speed up the process, getting the right agreements to the right people, at the right time.
  • Legal can pre-approve language to speed up the process and eliminate constant back and forth.
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Turn Documents into Data with the Universal Contract Model™

  • World's first robust model for translating legal terms into actionable data.
  • Instantly capture data from legacy contracts or third party agreements for 100% visibility into your entire contract portfolio.
  • Transactions, Orders, or Amendments that may affect the Master Agreement are automatically "rolled-up" for real-time view and reporting so you never miss a hidden risk.
  • Track and report on performance and payment obligations for each party.
  • Gain visibility into all risks by tracking high and low-level information with advanced risk scoring.

Build a Stronger Business with Enterprise-wide Reporting and Analytics

  • Out-of-the-box, ad hoc, and customized reports to meet any business requirement.
  • Overarching view into underlying terms to make informed, strategic decisions and avoid a potential crisis.
  • Expose contractual risk and analyze trends for all contracts with Exari's advanced risk scoring algorithm.
  • Immediate visibility into payment and performance obligations.
  • Ensure regulatory compliance and quickly prepare for future requirements.
  • Personalized dashboards provide specific and vital information at a glance.

Contracts Risk

Exari Contracts Hub™

There’s nothing fun about having to search for a contract, and it’s even less fun to be charged billable hours to have someone do the searching for you. What if you had the tools to find any contract in seconds and then instantaneously analyze it’s risks and terms to better inform your business decisions? 

Exari Contracts Hub™ is the easiest way to start leveraging your contracts.

With the Hub, your existing and future contracts are securely stored in one centralized location. Role-based permissions provide easy access for authorized users, and version control and audit trail features ensure that all changes are methodically tracked so that nothing gets missed.

Of course, knowing where to find your contracts is only half the battle -- you also need to know what they say. With Exari’s patented interview wizard, you can seamlessly upload your contracts into the Hub while capturing up to 100 key data points. This allows you to understand your risk and analyze your terms like never before.

To that end, the Hub offers a dashboard view of your entire contract portfolio and more than 20 standard reports to provide key insights, allowing you to monitor risk markers, easily locate and search for terms, study trends across all your contracts, and receive alerts for important contract milestones such as renewals and obligations.

The best part is that gaining this organization and visibility has never been easier. The Hub can be set-up in less than an hour and capturing your documents can begin immediately.

With operations in seven countries and rapid expansion, managing our contractual relationships is increasingly complex and business critical. Exari gives us visibility, control and insight into all our contracts – enabling us to scale our business with confidence.

Danielle Rice, Legal Contract Administrator at IRESS

Product Highlights

  • Automatic risk scoring of contract data so you know where your risk lives.
  • Dashboards to track important contracts, risks, and simple approval tasks.
  • Automated email or task alerts on important milestones, such as expiry and renewal dates.
  • Full-text and advanced field-specific searching across all your contracts.
  • 100% cloud-based offering in a highly secure environment.
  • Field-level validation to ensure high data accuracy and integrity.
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Exari Contracts Hub™ for Financial Services

Derivative agreements. Trading agreements. Collateral agreements. Side letters. Vendor agreements. These complex, sophisticated contracts form the foundation of your business - and can dictate your success or failure. Without real-time visibility into all your agreements, you run the risk of being out of compliance, in breach, or worse, in a position to pay millions of dollars in fines. To dramatically reduce your risk, you need a proven solution that is capable of taming the unique issues that go along with complex financial service contracts and collateral.

Gain Unprecedented Insight and Control

  • Powerful reports are specifically designed to capture granular information about all your complex financial documents and the relationships between them.
  • Monitor contract milestones and risk markers, easily locate and search for terms, and study trends across all your contracts.
  • In a crisis, quickly access the key information you need to determine your course of action.
  • Model any agreement structure from a simple bilateral agreement to complex multi-lateral agreements.

Holding and Using Collateral

This amounts to more than just insight - it means asset managers, fund managers, banks, and hedge funds are able manage obligations, information, and risk in real-time. It means the ability to reap the most reward with the least amount of risk.

You can learn more about CLM Contract Lifecycle Management in our Contract Management Resource Center.

Want to learn more? Download our Hub for Financial Services Datasheet.